How to Tension a Shade Sail

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Video Transcription

Welcome back to another short shade sails tutorial. We want to talk today about tightening your turnbuckle and your D shackle, to make sure that everything is secure, so you can walk away and pretty much have no maintenance for the whole season.

So if you just look, zoom into the turnbuckle over here, we’re going to use our awl or tool, to get through the barrel of the turnbuckle. We’re going to tighten the turnbuckle so that the barrel tightens up against the nuts. So as you can see. the sails getting tighter, as I’m tightening the turnbuckle. I can adjust these to tighten the turnbuckle more, if I’m not pleased with the tightness of the sail, so I’ll continue to tighten until I feel comfortable with how tight the sail will be.

So as I get closer the turnbuckle is starting to tighten up now, and I am going to make sure that I even up these nuts, as the barrel approaches them, so that I can lock the turnbuckle against them. I can’t just leave it like this. If the wind comes, it will loosen the nuts. You’ve got to tighten the barrel up against the nuts.

So as you can see, I’m tightening, and then the barrel will hit the nuts and all of a sudden become locked or close to it. So I’ll tighten that as hard as I can with my hand, then I’ll take a wrench, or in this case channel locks, and just make sure that I’m tightening the nut snug against the barrel on each side.

Your turnbuckle after doing that is locked off. Your D shackle, you just simply tighten with your tool as well, and just make sure it’s spun tight. And finger tight can be worked loose. You want to use a tool or an awl just to tighten.

Another short little message to make sure your sail stays up without any maintenance all year round. Good luck.