Shade Sail Terminology

Commonly used Shade Sail terms

Shade Sails

Shade sails are often given other names, some of which we have used throughout this page and include shadesails, sailshades, sunshades, sun sail shades, sun shade sails, canvas canopies, kookaburra shade sails (this is a well-known trade name of a lightweight sail) tension membrane structure, retractable sail shades, garden sails, canvas sails, Coolaroo shade sails (this is a trade name of an Australian company) patio sails and other similar terms.

Fixing point

Can include supporting posts (see below) but also existing structures that are used to support the sail and include existing walls etc.

Supporting post

Posts made specifically for the purpose of supporting the sun shade sail and usually made of steel.

Mounting points

On the fixing point you will have a mounting point which is where you will put your fixing and tensioning accessories to connect the shade sail to the fixing point.

Tensioning Device

A tensioning device such as a turnbuckle that is found on each corner of the sail between the attachment point and the mounting point give the sail shade the tensioning allowance it requires.

Attachment point

On each corner of the sail shade you should find a ring-like device which is used to attach the tensioning device to the mounting point.

Fixing accessories

Devices used to connect the sail to the fixing point, including anchors, links, and extensions.