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Monotec 370 has been specifically developed for ultimate sun protection and longevity. This means your shade structure maintains its usefulness and remains looking great for years longer than those made with other fabrics. Also, as the widest shade cloth available, your Monotec 370 sail or structure is more aesthetically pleasing due to the reduction of unattractive seams.

Developed in Australia, Monotec 370 is I00% Australian owned and made. Manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials, you can be assured that the fabric is engineered to outlast other products. Monotec 370 can be used in virtually any situation where high UV protection is required. When you need top tier sun protection, look no further than Monotec 370.


  • Premium grade fabric – the strongest shade mesh available
  • Ideal for larger sails and structures
  • Up to 90% shade offered
  • 15 year warranty – best in the industry!
  • Stain, dirt and grime resistant
  • Extra wide fabric (6.5m) so seams in sails are kept to a minimum
  • Available in 15 designer colours
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable
  • MONOTEC 370 Series is supported by a 15 Year Under Tension Warranty

This fabric is also available in a FR version, please enquire here.


Monotec 370 Colour Chart

Colours shown indicative only


Engineering Specification


Breaking Force Warp (AS2002.3.1-2001)  1433N/50mm
Breaking Force Weft (AS2002.3.1-2001)  2210N/50mm
Elongation at Break Warp 97.9%
Elongation at Break Weft 73.5%
Bursting Pressure (AS 2001.2.4-16990)  4750kPa
Bursting Force (AS 2001.2.19-1988 Mean)  3011N