How to Maintain a Shade Sail

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Video Transcription

Okay, shade sail maintenance.

Obviously we live with a very wintry climate in most parts of Canada so your shade sails should come down in the winter time. That’s a key question we get all the time.

Certainly you don’t want the shade sail being covered with snow, so take your shade sail down in the winter time and store it in a warm dry place.

Over the years if you’re looking to clean your shade sail, you can use a light detergent and a light scrub brush or even a power sprayer if you’re not too close, just be careful not to get too aggressive on the cloth.

A shade sail is folded when it is shipped to you, so when you get it, it will have wrinkles in it. Once you tension it and the heat gets to it, the wrinkles should disappear, if it’s tensioned properly.

It is wise to check the shade sail and the hardware regularly, once a week maybe, but certainly after a storm, you want go have a look and make sure nothing has come loose and your hardware is still solid, so just check that regularly and after wicked wind you might want to have a thorough check of your hardware.

For best longevity of your hardware, especially your turnbuckles, well only your turnbuckles, you want to lubricate the threads so that over time they won’t seize. If you find your turnbuckle seizing, then you would have to replace it, but if you do use a nice lubricant on the thread, you won’t have to replace your hardware, but check it every year just to make sure when you’re flying it that everything is solid and fine and nothing is falling apart.

Ongoing maintenance, you should check your hardware every year, just make sure all the components are together.

It does help to lubricate the threads of the turnbuckle for longevity but if you do that and take care of it, it should last you for the life your shade sail.

Warranty of your shade sail.

Our manufacturers warranty is one year, but that said, the shade cloth is a 10 or 15 year UV warranty and you should get many years out of your shade sail, if, and a big if, if it’s flown properly. The key to the warranty is how you fly your shade sail. I always go back to making sure it’s tight enough and make sure it’s flown properly.

We encourage you to send us photos of your hardware and your sail and we’ll confirm with you that your sail is flown correctly.

Happy flying.