Now that summer is finally here many of us will be spending more time outside in our gardens, soaking up the sun. From hosting a BBQ, to enjoying a book to gardening, there are endless ways to use our outdoor spaces. So now is a great time to get your garden ready for a summer of fun activities. You may want to add an outdoor seating area, solar-powered lights and even perhaps a water feature. But one fantastic way to level up your garden is to add a shade sail.

By creating an area of shade with a sail, you can get more use from your garden. We may all enjoy a spot of sunbathing but spending too long in the sun can cause long term damage to our skin and even increase the risk of developing skin cancer. A shade structure can protect you and your family from the UV rays, allowing you to safely spend time outside during the summer months. What’s more, is that there are also many other great benefits of installing a shade sail, keep reading to find out more.


A Stylish and Practical Addition

One of the great features of shade sails is how effortlessly they transform any outdoor space, improving the aesthetics and functionality of your garden. So it’s no surprise that they’re a popular choice amongst designers and landscapers. With a huge range of colours, materials, sizes and designs available on the market, it’s easy to find sail that works perfectly with your space. We also offer a custom-made service, which allows us to create a sail shade to your exact specifications and requirements.

In addition to adding a great design element, sail shades are also a practical option. We use only the highest quality of materials so that you can get years of use from your canopy. And if you’re looking for an all-weather solution, we also offer a waterproof option that is specially designed to withstand wet weather conditions.


Fantastic for Families

Summer is a great time for children to let off some steam while they’re broken up from school. While tablets and smartphones have become more popular than ever before, playing outside is still a huge part of childhood and enjoyed by thousands of children. Whether they’re making mud pies, playing tag or letting their imaginations run wild it’s important to keep your little ones safe in the sun. While sun cream is the best protection against getting burnt, it’s also advised to encourage your children to spend time in the shade too. A shade sail will allow them to continue their outdoor fun while keeping safe and create the perfect play spot during those hot days.


Helps You Get More Use from Your Garden

A shade sail isn’t just great for keeping your family cool and comfortable during the heat of the day, but it also creates a shaded dining and seating area. With just the simple addition of a table and chairs, you can create an outdoor dining area to give family mealtimes a chance of scenery and your dinner parties an alfresco vibe. The shelter will help to keep the area warmer as the evening draws in, allowing you to stay outside for longer. And if the rain does decide to make an appearance, you won’t be faced with a mad dash for the indoors!


How to choose the right shade sail

So now you’re aware of just some of the great benefits of installing a shade sail but how do you know which sail is the right choice for you? With so many different options available on the market, it can be overwhelming. To ensure you get the best results from your sail, you need to consider several factors. How much are you willing to spend? Do you mind taking your sail down on regular basis? How much space do you want to cover? How many posts do you want in your garden? We’ve put together a detailed guide on the different designs available and what these mean to you to help you choose the best canopy.