Although domestic shade products are extremely popular amongst families looking to add shade to their gardens, they are also used by many businesses for a range of applications. Our commercial shade sail range brings many benefits to businesses, from improving aesthetics to increasing profit – keep reading to find out more about the benefits of shade sails.


Stylish Shade Solution

For many businesses, the design and look of their commercial space is of utmost importance whether they’re a restaurant, hotel or retail park. So when it comes to improving the accessibility and functionality of the outside spaces, they need to find an effective and durable structure that will only add to the look and atmosphere of the area.

Shade sails are available in many different sizes, shapes, materials and colours so it’s easy to find the ideal sail. We have a comprehensive range of designer colours to choose from and we can also manufacture bespoke commercial shade sails to specific dimensions to create a unique structure. You will even get a choice of the webbing used on the edges of your shade sail.

When it comes to fitting the sail, you can either use wood posts or steel columns, or in some situations, you may be able to fix the canopy to a building. Our sun shade sail canopy products are designed to be easy to install, and often a professional isn’t required.


All-year Round Protection

Not only do shade sails add to the aesthetics of the space but they are also a great practical choice. Waterproof PVC shade sail fabric options are ideal for keeping outdoor areas dry and protecting customers from the rain. And with UV protection qualities across all of our materials, sails are also ideal for schools when it comes to keeping children safe from the sun and cool in the hot weather.

Creating an outdoor space that can be used through a wide range of weather conditions is crucial for businesses and can lead to a substantial increase in covers and turnover for hospitality venues.


Increased Range of Services

Not only can businesses cover outdoor tables but they can also utilise the space to offer more services and diversify. From offering activities for children to installing outdoor gym equipment, companies can widen the facilities on offer to both their customers and staff. Depending on how they have been installed, shade sails can be a temporary solution giving you more flexibility on how and when you want to use them.


Cost-Effective Option

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses will be working with tighter budgets while still looking for ways to further improve their site. Canopies, such as shade sails, are an affordable option for many companies, especially when compared to building a formal extension. In addition, we also offer industry-leading warranty and guarantees with our sails to ensure you’ll get a quality product for many years to come.

Minimal maintenance is also required with the upkeep of our sails, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business. We recommend taking your sail down during harsh weather conditions, especially if snow has been forecast. This will help your canopy to keep its superior durability for longer.


Which businesses can benefit from commercial shade sails?

Shade sails suit a wide range of industries and sectors, from hospitality venues to public attractions. Some of our past clients have included open farms, spa hotels, bars and playgrounds. Often clients get in touch when they are looking for sun protection ideas for their outdoor seating areas which work with the surrounding environment. We work closely together to create a custom shade sail that meets all of their specific requirements. Take a look at some of our past shade sail projects over on our gallery page to get inspired.


How much do commercial shade sails cost?

Our range of commercial sail shades ranges in cost from £480 to £8,000 depending on size, fabric and hardware. We offer a wide range of ready-made and custom-made models to ensure that you’re always able to find the right shade sun sail for your space. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you to create the perfect commercial shade sail.