shade sail During spring, and especially summer, we'd like to enjoy sitting outside.
However, sitting outside without protection will soon become annoying and even dangerous. Annoying because of the sunrays blinding your view, and the piercing heat that makes you sweat and makes you hide into the cooler areas of your home.
Dangerous, because the UV-rays of the sun are bad for your health.

An ideal option to enjoy hot summer days and evenings, is to choose for a shade sail. Under this sunblind you'll be shielded against all the annoying effects of the sun, while at the same time you can keep enjoying a pleasant heat and a nice view of everything that is happening outside.


Shade sails are in fact a form of awnings. To make everyone and their own sense of taste happy, there are a lot of options for shade sails.
Here are a few inspirational pictures to show you that a shade sail doesn't have to be a simple piece of fabric dangling in the air.

shade sails    shade sails    shade sails
shade sails    shade sails    shade sails